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EDDN - Elite Dangerous Data Network

Server Migration

EDDN is moving to a new server. This document is intended for authors of software that uses EDDN (either as a sender or a listener) and describes the minimal changes that you will need to make to your software to ensure that it can still communicate with EDDN after August 9th 2017.

There are two related changes:

  • The primary EDDN gateway and relay have moved to a new server. The old server will be decommissioned and its DNS record allowed to expire soon after August 9th.
  • The EDDN schemas are being renamed to reflect that change, and so that they can be served from their canonical URIs.

Migration Steps


  • Change the destination address for your messages from to .

  • Change the $schemaRef property in your messages from to i.e.:

    • Change to
    • Change to
    • Change to
    • Change to
    • Change to
    • And similarly for the .../test schemas.
  • Software that does not contain these changes will cease to be able to send to EDDN on or shortly after August 9th.


  • Change the address that you listen to from tcp:// to tcp:// .
  • Accept both the old schemas and the new schema names. i.e. accept either or in a message's $schemaRef property.
  • Note that you will only start to receive messages with the new schema names after August 9th.

Further info

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