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Last active Sep 11, 2019
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  • 1.40 release has NLL by default (released December 19th)
    • this is next release cycle, so landing in nightly ~September 26th

There are currently 1622 known crates which are broken by NLL.

Current plan:

  • Targeted fixes to most used root regressions
    • most roots are "old" (e.g., rustype 0.2.x branch, nalgebra 0.16.x branch)
    • URL and rusttype are other primary roots, both have patched versions in same major series
    • nalgebra, rusttype fixes are rolled out so next phase is cargo update PRs for GH repos
  • Publish a blog post
    • Announces timeline
    • Reiterates fixes for common problems
    • Asks users to run cargo update in repositories depending on rusttype, url, nalgebra to move to non-broken releases
  • Targeted push for the above
    • Open issues or PRs on repositories with fixes [cargo update can be automated]

Options for consideration:

  • Hard error on 2018 first
    • if 1.40 is target, then this buys us only a single cycle (unless we backport to beta)
  • hard error gradually on some errors
    • unknown impact, may not be worth it
  • exempt specific crates (by name?) temporarily
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