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MarkWalters-pw /
Created Feb 25, 2021
Qutebrowser userscript. Allows you to download and watch a youtube video
#!/usr/bin/env python
# coding=utf-8
Description: Qutebrowser userscript. Allows you to download and watch a youtube video
Keyboard binding: config.bind("\\", 'hint all userscript')
Config file location: ~/.config/qutebrowser/
Script file location: ~/.local/share/qutebrowser/userscripts/
Manually set keybinding: :bind \ hint all userscript
Usage: Press \ then the hint keys for the video you wish to watch.
You must select the video title not the image
MarkWalters-pw / PKGBUILD
Last active Feb 24, 2021
PKGBUILD for apt
# Maintainer: Moses Narrow <>
# Co-Maintainer: Felix Golatofski <>
# Contributor: Mark Weiman <>
# Contributor: Johannes Dewender arch at JonnyJD dot net
# Contributor: Tony Lambiris <>
pkgname=('apt' 'apt-docs')
MarkWalters-pw / urlqueue
Created Feb 13, 2021
A simple queue system written in bash
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Parially copied from
# Requires: nc, tee, grep, and bash
# Example usage:
# urlqueue -s
# urlqueue
# urlqueue -q -p | while read -r URL # read until end of list
# do
# youtube-dl $URL
MarkWalters-pw / reposetup
Created Jan 22, 2021
Setup repo that works with mkosi so you can install while offline
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Run this from inside a repo container
# After starting your repo with "machinectl start repo" you can create new containers offline using:
# mkosi -d centos_epel -r 8 --mirror=http://centos.repo.lan --hostname=cheese -o /var/lib/machines/cheese
# I have " centos.repo.lan" in /etc/hosts
# mkosi also needs to be manually patched to disable gpg checking. No flag for it as of today.
# Also no usable flags to disable all repos. --repositories='!*' does not work yet.
# So I have to make a lot of symlinks to prevent it from failing.
MarkWalters-pw / .bashrc
Last active Dec 24, 2020
Log history after every command in multiple sessions
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export BASHLOG=$HOME/.local/share/bashlog
[ -e "$BASHLOG" ] || mkdir -p $BASHLOG
[ -n "$TERM_SESSION_ID" ] || export TERM_SESSION_ID="$(uuidgen)"
export PROMPT_COMMAND='echo "$(printf "%(%F.%H:%M:%S)T\n") $TERM_SESSION_ID $PWD $(history 1)" >> $BASHLOG/$(printf "%(%F)T\n").log'
MarkWalters-pw / crxdl
Created Mar 14, 2020
Download chrome extension and extract it
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# pip has 2 options for downloading chrome extensions. cedl and chrome-webstore-download
# cedl has a more recent update than chrome-webstore-download
# but cedl polutes ~/bin by downloading to ~/bin/chrome-extensions so it is not an option without fixing that anti-feature
# chrome-webstore-download downloads to the current directory but requires -u|--url which is annoying but has the
# option to save to a custom filename with -f|--file which could come in handy
# This little script uses chrome-webstore-download to download and extract a chrome extension
# Example: crxdl
MarkWalters-pw / oneplus6t
Created May 19, 2019
OnePlus 6T commands
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All commands tested with termux. With slight modifications they will also work from adb shell.
remount root
su # tsu won't work with this
mount -o rw,remount /system_root
mount -o ro,remount /system_root
change hostname
MarkWalters-pw /
Last active May 16, 2019
jedie pybee docker test
set -xe
docker image ls -a
docker container ls -a
git clone
cd pybee-docker
MarkWalters-pw /
Last active Jan 31, 2021
Access data collected by your Greater Goods Weight Gurus scale
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# So I asked Greater Goods if they would point me in the direction of their API. So I could get data
# from their WiFi scale without the limitations of their Weight Gurus app. They said they don't give
# that out. So my options are to return the scale to Amazon because it is useless to me without an
# API or I figure it out myself. Anyway, I figured it out so you don't have to return your scale.
# This isn't an API but from here you can atleast access the data.
# If you don't already have the scale you can find it on Amazon
# UPC 875011003964