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Fixes page scroll "jumping" on mobile devices with auto-hiding address bar, when it contains a 100% height element.
/* responsive.js (v. 1.0.0)
* by Matheus Pratta (
* Fixes the page scroll from "jumping" when the user scrolls from a mobile device which auto-hides the address bar.
* Note: for 100% height elements, instead of seeing a jump in the scroll, the user may see a jump on the element itself (mostly when it's vertically centered)
* Requires: jQuery
$(document).ready(function() {
.scroll(function() {
window._scroll_pos = $(window).scrollTop();
window._scroll_height = $(window).height();
.resize(function() {
var oH = parseInt(window._scroll_height);
var nH = parseInt($(window).height());
if(oH != nH) {
var offset = nH - oH;
$(window).scrollTop(window._scroll_pos + offset);
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