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Candidates for TWIF

Index difference report

Report generated on Friday, May 18 2018, Week 20

Comparing differences between index-v1-2018-05-17-Thu.jar and index-v1-2018-05-18-Fri.jar

These are the voyages of the starship... I mean... These are the apps that were updated, and are candidates for inclusion in TWIF. As usual, all new apps will automatically get a mention, but a mini-announcement that we can include is highly appreciated. As for the updated apps, there are way too many to include all of them, so please tell us which ones are important, and why.

Removed Apps

0 apps were removed

Added Apps

3 apps were added

Updated Apps

11 apps were upgraded

Total items processed: 1471

  • Removed: 0 ( 0.0%)
  • Added: 3 ( 0.2%)
  • Upgraded: 11 ( 0.7%)
  • Downgraded!: 0 ( 0.0%)
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