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@MattMS MattMS/not_redux.js
Last active May 25, 2019

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Messing around with Ramda to create a state-changing thing.
/* Example of something that is inspired by Redux, but totally not a replacement for it.
This is NOT intended to be used in anything serious; go find a proper library instead.
[MIT licensed](
So do whatever you want with any or all of this but don't blame me for anything.
Copyright 2019 Matt McKellar-Spence
const {append, cond, inc, join, lensIndex, lensPath, map, over, pathEq, pipe, prop, T, toPairs, toString} = require('ramda')
// Core
// ----
/** Given a [string, function] pair, update the string to be a function that matches action type names.
This is assumed to be used in a Ramda `cond` Array.
Said `cond` would be expecting `{action, state}` as a parameter.
const fix_action_check = map(over(lensIndex(0), pathEq(['action', 'type'])))
/** Default condition to apply if none of the actions match. */
const add_default_cond = append([T, prop('state')])
const actions_to_cond = pipe(toPairs, fix_action_check, add_default_cond, cond)
Returns a function that given a state, an action, and some changes, does the appropriate change and returns a new state.
To increase performance:
const make_action_doer = parts => {
const doer = actions_to_cond(parts)
return action => state => doer({action, state})
const make_action_doer = parts => action => state => actions_to_cond(parts)({action, state})
Create a reducer that triggers on the given action type.
@param {string} t The `type` field of the action.
const when_action_is = t => f => action => when(propEq('type', t, action), f(action))
// Some demo actions
// -----------------
const over_prop = name => f => pipe(over(lensPath(['state', name]), f), prop('state'));
const inc_prop = name => over_prop(name)(inc)
// My state
// --------
const over_a = over_prop('a')
const act = make_action_doer({
dbl: over_a(a => [a, a]),
inc: inc_prop('a'),
join: over_a(join('')),
str: over_a(toString)
// My demo usage of state
// ----------------------
const start_state = {a: 1}
const stop_state = pipe(
act({type: 'inc'}),
act({type: 'str'}),
act({type: 'dbl'}),
act({type: 'join'})
// = {a: "22"}
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