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Get-BinaryType function Finds bitness of .exe witih Powershell
function Get-BinaryType
Gets the binary executable type for a given set of files
PowerShell wrapper around the GetBinaryType Windows API that inspects file headers
and reports the binary file type (e.g., 32-bit Windows app, 64-bit Windows app,
16-bit DOS/Windows app, etc.)
File path(s) to inspect
#Reports the file type of C:\Windows\Explorer.exe:
Get-BinaryType C:\Windows\Explorer.exe
#Attempts to get the binary type of all files in the current directory
Get-ChildItem | where { !$_.PsIsContainer } | Get-BinaryType
#Attempts to get the binary type of all exe files in the windows directory,
#ignoring any non-terminating errors
Get-ChildItem $env:windir -filter *.exe | Get-BinaryType -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
#From a 32bit process on a 64 bit Windows install, attempts to get the binary type of all exe files
#in the windows system32 directory by bypassing filesystem redirection using "sysnative",
#ignoring any non-terminating errors, and finally showing the file name and binary type
Get-ChildItem $env:windir\sysnative -filter *.exe | Get-BinaryType -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue -passthrough | select Name,BinaryType
Author: Battleship, Aaron Margosis
SupportsShouldProcess = $false,
ConfirmImpact = "none",
DefaultParameterSetName = ""
HelpMessage = "Enter binary file(s) to examine",
Position = 0,
Mandatory = $true,
ValueFromPipeline = $true,
ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName = $true
[ValidateScript({Test-Path $_.FullName})]
#add the enum for the binary types
#Using more user friendly names since they won't likely be used outside this context
Add-Type "
public enum BinaryType
BIT32 = 0, // A 32-bit Windows-based application, SCS_32BIT_BINARY
DOS = 1, // An MS-DOS – based application, SCS_DOS_BINARY
WOW = 2, // A 16-bit Windows-based application, SCS_WOW_BINARY
PIF = 3, // A PIF file that executes an MS-DOS based application, SCS_PIF_BINARY
POSIX = 4, // A POSIX based application, SCS_POSIX_BINARY
OS216 = 5, // A 16-bit OS/2-based application, SCS_OS216_BINARY
BIT64 = 6 // A 64-bit Windows-based application, SCS_64BIT_BINARY
catch {} #type already been loaded, do nothing
# create the win32 signature
$Signature =
public static extern bool GetBinaryType(
string lpApplicationName,
ref int lpBinaryType
# Create a new type that lets us access the Windows API function
Add-Type -MemberDefinition $Signature `
-Name BinaryType `
-Namespace Win32Utils
catch {} #type already been loaded, do nothing
foreach ($Item in $Path)
$ReturnedType = -1
Write-Verbose "Attempting to get type for file: $($Item.FullName)"
$Result = [Win32Utils.BinaryType]::GetBinaryType($Item.FullName, [ref] $ReturnedType)
#if the function returned $false, indicating an error, or the binary type wasn't returned
if (!$Result -or ($ReturnedType -eq -1))
Write-Error "Failed to get binary type for file $($Item.FullName)"
$ToReturn = [BinaryType]$ReturnedType
if ($PassThrough)
#get the file object, attach a property indicating the type, and passthru to pipeline
Get-Item $Item.FullName -Force |
Add-Member -MemberType noteproperty -Name BinaryType -Value $ToReturn -Force -PassThru
#Put enum object directly into pipeline
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