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Set the arity of a function in JavaScript
/** Returns a string that looks like a function arguments list definition.
*@param {Number} count How many arguments should be generated.
*@returns {String} An arguments declaration list usable in a Function constructor.
function declareArguments(count) {
return new Array(count).join('arg,') + 'arg';
/** Copies a closure and sets its `length` property.
* More details, the rationale and source for this helper can be found [on StackOverflow](
*@param {Function} closure The closure whose arity is to be set.
*@param {Number} arity The arity to give to the closure.
*@returns {Function} A copy of the given closure, with the given arity.
function giveArity(closure, arity) {
return new Function(
declareArguments(arity), // arguments list
'return this.apply(null, arguments);' // actual call
module.exports = giveArity; // CommonJS export
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