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Last active December 20, 2022 16:34
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Order in which MelanX' mods are ported from 1.18 to 1.19

Stop asking when something is ready. It's ready when it's ready. You can keep track of the progress here. I might do things earlier than they are planned if I have to wait for my dependencies to be ported.

All my mods which aren't even on 1.18 will not be ported and thus they are not listed below.

All my mods in 1.17+ are also be available on Modrinth.

By releasing of 1.19, none of my mods will receive any update for 1.17 and below anymore. 1.18 will receive some bug fixes if it's necessary.

β­• Not started yet

πŸ” In progress

βœ” Done

Mods while waiting for dependencies

Mods which require LibX first

Mods which require other mods first

Mods with unclear future

These mods might not be ported at all. If they are ported then probably roughly in this order:

Mods that won't be ported

These mods are not ported to 1.19. At least not by me. Don't ask for them. If you really want them, learn moddings and do it yourself.

This porting list was made by noeppi_noeppi first and I stole it because I liked it

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