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Last active Jul 11, 2018
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Register Sentry in a Vue.js project
/* eslint-env node */
import Vue from 'vue';
// You should not have to import anything special before Raven
// Import Raven, Sentry's SDK
import Raven from 'raven-js';
import RavenVue from 'raven-js/plugins/vue';
// Import our local "config.js" file
import config from './config';
if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production') {
// Here goes the DSN
.config('', {
// We also track the project's release to benefit from some of Sentry's advanced features
'release': config.SENTRY_RELEASE,
.addPlugin(RavenVue, Vue)
} else {
// You may remove this once you are sure everything works fine
console.debug('Not configuring Sentry, environment is', process.env.NODE_ENV);
// Here, import everything you need to setup you app
// If an error is thrown here, it will get caught by Sentry
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