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Created December 9, 2012 17:23
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Immediate object as a static member
#include <iostream>
using std::cout; using std::endl;
// A class whose instance will be included as a member of a monostate class
class CContent {
CContent() {cout << "CContent constructor" << endl;}
~CContent() {cout << "CContent destructor" << endl;}
void speak() {cout << "Bonjour le monde !" << endl;}
// Monostate class, in other words, a class with only static members
class CMonostate {
static CContent myInstance;
// You must define the substance of static members other than integers out of the class definition.
CContent CMonostate::myInstance = CContent();
// Do not forget the main function so that we can test this
int main() {
cout << "Program begins" << endl;
cout << "Program ends" << endl;
You will see...
CContent constructor
Program begins
Bonjour le monde !
Program ends
CContent destructor
(Tested with GCC 4.5.3 on Cygwin)
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