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This is an additional paragraph for the excellent Contract Killer
We provide hosting for our own built websites on our preferred hosting provider <hosting provider name>.
Based on their SLA we endeavor to have 99.9% uptime on our servers measured annually.
There may of course be times when the server will not be available, this can be scheduled or unscheduled.
Scheduled downtime is when we know it is going to happen and tell you about it in advance. Scheduled downtime will wherever possible, almost certainly be outside of normal office hours. We’ll do our stuff in the evening or at weekend to minimize impact on your business.
There may be very rare occasions when we need to restart the server during normal office hours and it is not possible to inform you before hand. We don’t make these decisions lightly and if this does happen we apologise.
Unscheduled downtime is when the server stops without us knowing it is going to stop. For a simple server hicup, we'll get it back up and running as fast as we can. From time to time things go wrong with hardware; our service level agreement with <hosting provider name> is that any hardware faults will be fixed within <X> hours of them being reported during normal working hours and within <X> hours outside of this.
We will do everything we can to ensure that your website is available <insert minimum uptime>% of the time, if we fall short of this, we’ll come and talk to you about it.

ashwebb commented Dec 10, 2014

Line 8: There may of course be times...

This is perfect. Thank you!


MikeRawlins commented Apr 15, 2015

Thanks @ashwebb I almost always leave a out when typing stuff 😊
You're welcome @erichyland it is a reasonable starting place I think

Thank you for sharing this Mike. Very helpful :)

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