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Modar M. Alfadly ModarTensai

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ModarTensai /
Created Mar 16, 2020
A color-toning transform made to match TorchVision implementations. Inspired by
import numpy as np
from PIL import Image
from skimage.color import lab2rgb, rgb2lab
class RandomColorToning:
def __init__(self, scale_mean, scale_std, shift_mean, shift_std):
self.scale_mean = scale_mean
self.scale_std = scale_std
ModarTensai /
Last active Mar 17, 2020
PyTorch fully-convolutional auto-encoder for any arbitrary image sizes (including rectangles). Can, also, be used for a DCGAN.
from torch import nn
class Generator(nn.Module):
def __init__(self, input_dim, image_shape, memory):
self.memory = memory
self.input_dim = input_dim
self.image_shape = image_shape
ModarTensai /
Last active Mar 1, 2020
Modular experiment class to train a PyTorch module. It can be easily inherited or used with mixins to extend its functionality. We us it to train VGG on Cifar10.
import json
import math
from argparse import ArgumentParser
from contextlib import contextmanager
from pathlib import Path
import torch
import torchvision.transforms as T
from torch import nn
from torch.optim import lr_scheduler
ModarTensai /
Last active Jan 15, 2020
Layer-wise Adaptive Rate Control (LARC) in PyTorch. It is LARS with clipping support in addition to scaling.
class LARC:
"""Layer-wise Adaptive Rate Control.
LARC is LARS that supports clipping along with scaling:
This implementation is inspired by:
See also:
import torch
from torch import nn
from torch import functional as F
class Expression:
def __init__(self, out=None, **units):
self.out = out
self.terms = {}
self.coeffs = {}
ModarTensai /
Created Dec 4, 2019
Coarse-to-fine grid search
from argparse import Namespace
import torch
def grid_search(objective, *bounds, density=10, eps=1e-5, max_steps=None):
"""Perfrom coarse-to-fine grid search for the minimum objective.
>>> def f(x, y):
>>> x = x + 0.5
def cov(m, rowvar=True, inplace=False, unbiased=True):
"""Estimate the covariance matrix for the given data.
m: Variables and observations data tensor (accept batches).
rowvar: Whether rows are variables and columns are observations.
inplace: Whether to subtract the variable means inplace or not.
unbiased: Whether to use the unbiased estimation or not.
import torch
def unravel_index(index, shape):
out = []
for dim in reversed(shape):
out.append(index % dim)
index = index // dim
return tuple(reversed(out))
from math import log
import torch
from torch import nn
class L0Sparse(nn.Module):
def __init__(self, layer, init_sparsity=0.5, heat=2 / 3, stretch=0.1):
assert all(0 < x < 1 for x in [init_sparsity, heat, stretch])
self.layer = layer
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