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#Dynamic Programming based Python Program for 0-1 Knapsack problem
# Returns the maximum value that can be put in a knapsack of capacity W
def knapSack(W, wt, val, n):
K = [[0 for x in range(W+1)] for x in range(n+1)]
#build table k[][] in bottom up manner
for i in range(n+1):
for w in range(W+1):
if i==0 or w==0:
elif wt[i-1] <= w:
K[i][w] = max(val[i-1] + K[i-1][w-wt[i-1]], K[i-1][w])
K[i][w] = K[i-1][w]
return K[n][W]
val = [100, 40, 70]
wt = [4,2,3]
W = 5
n = len(val)
print (knapSack(W, wt, val, n))
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