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Last active December 15, 2021 21:39
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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.56511 Test 12/08/2021
Main Branch: Old World Version 1.0.56632 Release 12/15/2021
Scholar Tutoring no longer costs money
Saddleborn Units now get +25% flanking bonus
It is now possible for characters to simultaneously be Vengeful, Plotting Against, and Estranged From the leader
Added event to allow for counter espionage
Reduced the chance of grove resources being chosen for player starts
Naval units built in a city will start in the largest adjacent body of water (if no Harbor exists)
Improved geographic features in Mediterranean and Middle East Maps
QuickLoad is now mapped to F11 (was F12)
Make Chosen Heir now costs 10 Legitimacy. The opinion bonus/penalty for being made heir/bypassed has been increased.
Added birth/marriage notification for everyone in Royal family
Random Leaders are now mirrored in team games
Bonus culture for shrines adjacent to mountains reduced from 100% to 50%
Increased Legitimacy gained by completing some ambitions
Adjusted opinion modifiers for some traits
Reduced probability of Time to Kill event
New Paintings: Decree 3, Wizard
Game now disables/hides options that are no longer available when selecting Barbarians/Tribes only, No Character Mode
New Events:
A Long Ride
A Voice in the Dark
Agent Caught
Always Vigilant
An Oath of Support
Ancestral Oath
Avenging the Banner
Birds of a Feather
Bitter Harvest
Bound by an Oath
Building Better Relations
By Cloak and Dagger
By Sword and Siege
Child Labor Abuses
Command Decision
Connections versus Relations
Connections versus Wealth
Daily Veneration
Drunken Ambition
Ebb and Flow
Favored Spouse
For Your Entertainment
Fuel for the fires
Glory is Eternal
Land of Veneration
Matters of State
Moved to Action
New Travelers
No Room for Heathens
Old Paths
On the Hunt
Our People
Plans of Attack
Prophet of Destiny
Proximus Egomet Mihi
Smoke and Ash
Spear or Staff
Tactical Analysis
Take the Money and Run
The Fallen Banner
The Fortune Teller
The Road to Glory
The Walk
The Wisdom of
To Hear Your Voice
Value Judgement
War Machines
Waste no Fear
Wayward Son/Daughter
Fixes issue where research choice did not always register after redrawing techs
Addressed issue where some scenario options were not loading
Fixed Play-by-cloud games not showing the turn summary popup
Fixed issue in Learn-to-Play Scenario 4 where incorrect family was assigned to a worker
Fixed issue in Learn-to-Play Scenario 3 where Olympias mission didn't complete goal
Fixed issue with Holy War not always giving a promotion
Addressed issue where team color was occaisionally not showing in team links
Fixes to pre made Mediterranean and Middle East maps (thanks nolegskitten!)
Various Event and Hint fixes
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