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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.47904 Test (03/01/2021)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.47980 Early Release (03/03/2021)
Egypt has a new faction perk
-25% cost for paired adjacent improvements
Egypt no longer receives +40% yields from Quarries built on rivers
The Commander’s ability to hurry City Production with Orders has been changed to only apply to the Capital City
Commander Leaders can now use the Launch Offensive ability
This ability has been removed from Tactician leaders and replaced with the flanking bonus
Tactician Leaders now receive a +20% combat strength bonus when flanking
Flanking occurs when attacking an enemy unit with a friendly unit on the opposite side
Governors opinions now affect Discontent and Growth
Generals opinions now affect unit strength
The Tyranny Law now grants +10 Money per year per Military unit in Territory and +20 training per turn
The Divine Rule law now grants +1 Order per Friendly City
Romulus now has the Tactician Archetype (Previously Schemer)
Remus now has the Schemer Archetype (Previously Tactician)
The Mounted Archery Technology has been removed
Horse Archers are now unlocked via the Stirrups technology
Camel Archers are now unlocked via the Land Consolidation technology
The Coinage Technology now allows players to automate workers
The following units have been updated with new animations
African Elephant
Turreted Elephant
The Caravan unit model has been updated
The formation of the following units has been updated
Horse Archer
Camel Archer
The Acropolis will now display construction progress as it is being built
The Kushite Cavalry unit icon has been updated
The Zealot Leader unit effect icon has been updated
Various promotion icons have received a polish update
Family icons are now present in the corner of portraits featured on the Inheritance Screen
A search bar has been added to the Multiplayer Join screen
Players can enter keywords and then choose to search all lobbies, or just search for lobbies matching the search entry
Religious Disciple units have been updated with new audio SFX
Ambient City audio has been adjusted
New Events
The Weight of Debt
Your debt to another member of your nation weighs heavily on you
Sacrificial Deer
Your Priests would like to sacrifice an impressive buck for a feast, but locals wish to breed it to strengthen the herd
Inscriptions to Ahura Mazda
Construction of a new courthouse is complete, and your Stoneworkers wish to know how to proceed with inscriptions
The Zurvanites
One of your families has adopted a different interpretation of your religion that could damage your legitimacy
Temple and State
You are confronted about your lack of faith
Apostate [King/Queen]
You are confronted about your religious beliefs, which differ from your State Religion
Leader of the Faith
You are visited by a leader of the faith
The Other Religion
One of your subjects visits you to discuss your State Religion
Bonded by Faith
Your Head of Religion hopes to forge an alliance between you and another nation
The Baby in the Basket
Your child makes a shocking discovery while exploring the rivers
Jachin and Boaz
Your Head of Religion asks if you would like to learn more about Jachin and Boaz
Your spouse wishes to encourage the worship of Asherah in your nation
High Priesthood
One of your families seeks your support in holding onto their traditional ways
El, Yahweh and Baal
The Gauls in your nation have adopted your religion, but you receive reports about inscriptions they are using
The Right Way
You are asked to settle a religious debate
All is Vanity
A Philosophical crisis is happening in your nation
Statue of God
Your nation celebrates the construction of a new temple, but the celebrations become a cause for concern
The Wealth of [Character]
The tomb of your ancestor is broken into
The Calling of God
Your child’s tutors write to inform you that your child is claiming to have a direct connection to God
The Rebel Writer
Your guards capture a rebel leader and bring them to court
Sacred Lands [CC]
Pagan priests claim that The Oracle was built on their sacred land
Culinary Escapades [CC]
One of your families has engaged a cook of rare talent
From the Remnants [CC]
You must decide how to enlist the services of a group of protectors from a fallen city
All Roads Lead to [City] [CC]
One of your courtiers wishes to celebrate the expansive road network in your nation
Tribal Training [CC]
One of your courtiers suggests that your heir would benefit from being exposed to tribal traditions
Adopt Religion?
The priests have offered to teach you their ways
Diegylis [CC]
Following the Thracian’s last stand, your guards bring one of their warriors to your attention
This event can start an event chain
The Ziggurat Crumbles [CC]
The Great Ziggurat has suffered over time and is barely recognisable
Tribal Advocate on the Court
A tribal member of your court is eager to expand your diplomatic relationship with their people
Foreign Advocate on the Court
A foreign member of your court wishes to expand your diplomatic relationship with their nation by undertaking a Trade Mission
This event also has a variation for starting Peace deals
Making Amends
One of your families is angry with you, and your Chancellor believes they can help
Patron Gods
The Head of your State Religion visits you and urges you to seek the blessings of your Gods and Goddesses
Some existing events have been updated with new chain events
Some stub events have been updated with new text
Improved AI protection of City Sites
Improved AI handling of luxury resources and council members
AI now knows to heal in territory of other nations (when applicable)
Miscellaneous Changes
The Game of the Week now has a 5% chance to have each of the following options
Randomize Families
Role Playing
Play to Win
One City Challenge
The player information pop up has been removed from Multiplayer modes
The rename feature is now present on the selected player panel
Email entry can be found in the Settings menu
Players can now subscribe to the Mohawk’s Newsletter via the General Options Menu
Players can now add their First and Last name to the options menu, in addition to their email address
Players can now hold CTRL when clicking undo to undo the entire turn
Units will now perform partial moves if they uncover units or terrain in the FOW that make full moves impossible
Rebels will no longer spawn before Turn 20
Caravans no longer pass through hostile territory
The right click cursor will now display when units are selected
The Keen trait has been removed
Reduced max HUD scaling
Bug Fixes
Fixed an auto save issue
Fixed a clipping issue with the Turreted Elephant unit model and banner
Fixed some map editor issues
Fixed an issue with the Diplomat archetype’s tooltip text
Fixed an issue with Rome’s map element names
Fixed an issue where the Technology Tree was not saving the player’s preferred view settings
Fixed some cropping issues with some Technology icons
Fixed an issue where games could not be started if certain map settings weren’t completed during game setup
Fixed some issues with the unit selection panel
Fixed some issues with unit appearance in the combat preview window
Fixed a hang that could occur during the AI’s turn
Fixed an issue where AI was not saving enough orders for missions
Fixed an error that could occur when appointing an Ambassador
Fixed a text resizing issue on the Inheritance screen character action buttons
Fixed an issue where turn notification email changes were not applying
Fixed some attack duration issues
Fixed an issue where the ‘Player Disconnected’ message would appear when Observers left a Multiplayer game
Fixed an issue with AI choosing families for captured cities
Fixed some alignment issues on the selected character panel
Fixed an issue where some improvements were overlapping water elements
Fixed an issue where Specialist buttons were being shown for pillaged improvements
Fixed an issue where the Hearth Shrine [Tanit /Vesta] was not appearing correctly
Fixed an issue where Religious units were not playing the appropriate animation when establishing a theology
Fixed an issue where unit movement paths were appearing with “Make City Connection” mode enabled
Fixed various camera issues with the combat preview window
Fixed an issue where units were able to be displaced by peace partners
Fixed an issue where the Great Ziggurat wasn’t displaying urban building clutter
Fixed an issue where Multiplayer send yield buttons were showing the incorrect data
Fixed an issue where the Line of Succession header would appear when there were no heirs
Fixed an issue where the restart game option was not randomizing the nation if ‘random nation’ was chosen during game setup
Fixed some missing help text issues
Fixed some null reference errors
Fixed some unit cycling issues
Fixed various event issues
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