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Rename GitHub repos
title: "rename github repo"
author: "Martin Monkman"
date: "2020/10/05"
output: html_document
## Steps 1-3
# Step 1
# create main branch locally, taking the history from master
git branch -m master main
# Step 2
# push the new local main branch to the remote repo (GitHub)
git push -u origin main
# Step 3
# switch the current HEAD to the main branch
git symbolic-ref refs/remotes/origin/HEAD refs/remotes/origin/main
## Step 4
At this point you have to open your browser and change the default branch on GitHub to main
## Step 5
# Step 5
# delete the master branch on the remote
git push origin --delete master
# check the repo
git branch -a
That's it!
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