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Last active Jun 8, 2019
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Timezone matcher
import pytz
from datetime import datetime as dt, tzinfo
def get_timezone_code(tz: tzinfo = pytz.utc) -> str:
return tz.normalize(NOW).strftime("%Z")
def match(z: str = ""):
def compare(y: str):
tz = pytz.timezone(y)
zone =
return z.title().replace(" ", "_") in [zone, zone.split("/")[-1]] or get_timezone_code(tz) == z
return compare
KNOWN = {}
reverse_countries = dict((pytz.country_names.get(x), x)
for x in pytz.country_names)
zone_to_name = {}
for country, code in reverse_countries.items():
for zone in pytz.country_timezones.get(code, []):
zone_to_name[zone] = country
def find_timezones(z: str) -> tzinfo:
if z in KNOWN:
return [z]
if z in pytz.all_timezones:
return [z]
return list(filter(match(z), pytz.common_timezones)) or list(filter(match(z), pytz.all_timezones))
def best_zone(z=""):
zones = find_timezones(z)
name = None
up = z.upper()
title = z.title()
if up in pytz.country_timezones:
zones = [pytz.country_timezones.get(up)[0]]
elif title in reverse_countries:
zones = [pytz.country_timezones.get(reverse_countries.get(title))[0]]
best = None
if zones:
if len(zones) == 1:
best = zones[0]
if len(zones) > 1:
if not best:
best = next(
filter(lambda t: t in pytz.country_names, zones), None)
if best:
name = ', '.join(
{t.split("/")[-1].replace('_', ' ') for t in zones})
best = zones[-1]
tz = pytz.timezone(best)
name = zone_to_name.get(best,"/")[-1].replace("_", " "))
return tz, name.strip()
return [None, None]
def format_tz(date: dt) -> str:
return date.strftime("%d-%b-%Y %H:%M:%S %Z").strip()
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