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$dp = Read-Host -Prompt "Enter the name of the DP to check:"
# Get all task sequences in CM12
if ($AllTaskSequences -eq $null) {
Write-Host -ForegroundColor Yellow "Getting Task Sequence list...may take 60 seconds"
$AllTaskSequences = Get-CMTaskSequence -Name "*" | Sort Name
$TSNames = $AllTaskSequences.Name | sort Name
# Display Task Sequences
$TSNames | Sort Name
# User input for task sequence
$UserTSchoice = Read-host "`nEnter the name of the task sequence?"
Write-Output ""
$CMServerName = Get-CMSite -SiteCode DEV|select ServerName
$CMServerName = $CMServerName.ServerName
$CMSite = Get-CMSite -SiteCode DEV|select SiteCode
$CMSite = $CMSite.SiteCode
[xml]$TS = Get-CMTaskSequence -Name $UserTSchoice| select -ExpandProperty Sequence
$rpkg = $ts.sequence.referenceList.reference.package
#Add BASE Patch Deployment Package
$rpkg = $rpkg + "DEV00208"
#Add Delta Patch Deployment Package
$rpkg = $rpkg + "DEV0024A"
Foreach($pkg in $rpkg){
$i = $i+1
$pkgname = Get-CMPackage -Id $pkg |select Name
if(!($pkgname)){$pkgname = Get-CMDriverPackage -Id $pkg |select Name}
if(!($pkgname)){$pkgname = Get-CMBootImage -Id $pkg |select Name}
if(!($pkgname)){$pkgname = Get-CMOperatingSystemImage -Id $pkg |select Name}
if(!($pkgname)){$pkgname = Get-CMSoftwareUpdateDeploymentPackage -Id $pkg |select Name}
$pkgname = $
Write-progress -Activity "Checking store $pc for: $Pkg - $pkgname" -percentcomplete ($i/$rpkg.count*100)
$query = Get-WmiObject –NameSpace Root\SMS\Site_$CMSiteClass SMS_DistributionDPStatus -ComputerName $CMServerName –Filter "PackageID='$pkg' And Name='$dp%'" | Select Name, MessageID, MessageState, LastUpdateDate
If ($query -eq $null){
Write-Output "PackageID not found"
Write-Host "Package $Pkg - $pkgname is not on store $DP" -ForegroundColor Red
Write-Output "_________________________________________________________________________"
Foreach ($objItem in $query){
$DPName = $null
$DPName = $objItem.Name
$UpdDate = [System.Management.ManagementDateTimeconverter]::ToDateTime($objItem.LastUpdateDate)
switch ($objItem.MessageState){
1{$Status = "Success"}
2{$Status = "In Progress"}
3{$Status = "Unknown"}
4{$Status = "Failed"}
Write-output "$dpname $status"
IF ($Status -ne "Success")
switch ($objItem.MessageID){
2303{$Message = "Content was successfully refreshed"}
2323{$Message = "Failed to initialize NAL"}
2324{$Message = "Failed to access or create the content share"}
2330{$Message = "Content was distributed to distribution point"}
2354{$Message = "Failed to validate content status file"}
2357{$Message = "Content transfer manager was instructed to send content to Distribution Point"}
2360{$Message = "Status message 2360 unknown"}
2370{$Message = "Failed to install distribution point"}
2371{$Message = "Waiting for prestaged content"}
2372{$Message = "Waiting for content"}
2380{$Message = "Content evaluation has started"}
2381{$Message = "An evaluation task is running. Content was added to Queue"}
2382{$Message = "Content hash is invalid"}
2383{$Message = "Failed to validate content hash"}
2384{$Message = "Content hash has been successfully verified"}
2391{$Message = "Failed to connect to remote distribution point"}
2398{$Message = "Content Status not found"}
8203{$Message = "Failed to update package"}
8204{$Message = "Content is being distributed to the distribution Point"}
8211{$Message = "Failed to update package"}
Write-Output "Package $Pkg - $pkgname on $DPName is in '$Status' state"
Write-Output "Detail: $($objItem.MessageID) - $Message"
Write-Output "Last Update Date: $UpdDate"
Write-Output "_________________________________________________________________________"
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