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Created Mar 28, 2016

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Fullnode Readme.txt for Self Made Nodes
Getting started with your Self Made Bitcoin Fullnode.
This is for users who downloaded the FullnodeOS
For more info:
## The rules of Fullnode
Rule 1: Talk about #Fullnode
Rule 2: Do not try to own #Fullnode
Rule 3: Be helpful
## Logging in via hostname rather than IP Address
You can log in to Fullnode on your Local Area Network via ssh in the terminal using the hostname:
$ ssh pi@fullnode.local
## Fullnode Self Made
If you have built a Fullnode yourself and have not purchased one from the “ProTip Not (Just) Made in China” crowd fund then before you can get started you need to follow these steps:
1. Make sure the Fullnode is using a 5v 2amp USB Charger used for tablets (note 1amp chargers used for phones may be ok if you are not attaching to screen and keyboard)
2. Once loaded up run $ sudo raspi-config
3. Click Expand File System, don’t reboot yet…
4. Next change the password
5. Set the boot options you want
6. Set Internationalisation options including Timezone (important) and Keyboard layout
7. The Fullnode is set to Overclock: “High” by default. If you disable the fan then disable overclocking.
8. Advanced Options > Memory Split - if you do not wish to use the Desktop mode set this to ‘0’
## Storage
Find a storage device like a hard drive or memory stick big enough to store the blockchain. 128Gb is considered the minimum at the time of writing.
1. Attach the device to the Pi via USB
2. Open a terminal window and run: $ sudo blkid
3. Make a note of the UUID number of the device
4. Run the command $ sudo nano /etc/fstab
5. Instructions for what to do next are in this file, simply replace the UUID number with the one that corresponds to your drive. Note that this supports exFAT volumes, you will need to change the ‘exfat’ in the line if you choose to use a different file system e.g. ‘vfat’ for FAT32 volumes.
6. Restart with: $ sudo reboot
7. The USB drive will now mount to /home/pi/.bitcoin < if you put blockchain data from another computer in this folder then running Bitcoin will resume from where that machine left off.
**DO NOT copy the wallet.dat file!** This contains your private key. You only need the folders ‘blocks’ and ‘chainstate’.
8. To start Bitcoin run: $ Bitcoind -daemon
Alternatively you can run Bitcoin-QT by clicking on the icon in the menu tray or loading up terminal and entering:
$ bitcoin-qt
## Bitcoin Autostart
By default the FullnodeOS will not auto start Bitcoin. To edit these settings go to:
$ sudo nano /etc/rc.local
See the lines commented out, uncomment the one you want to be the main operation of the node.
## Fullnode Performance
If you choose to autostart Bitcoin and run it headlessly (without the Desktop loaded up) you may wish to reduce the memory for the GPU to give Bitcoin more RAM:
$ sudo raspi-config
> Advanced Settings > Memory Split > Set the number to ‘0’
Then Finish and Restart to make the changes.
You can also empty the RAM every 24 hours by running this command:
1. $ sudo crontab -e
2. Select the text editor of choice
3. Go to the bottom of the page and uncomment the last line
## IPFS Station
The Fullnode comes complete with the latest version of IPFS Station:
1. Open up terminal
2. Type $ station
3. Be patient while the app loads up and enjoy!
To run IPFS without the GUI just go to terminal and enter:
$ ipfs daemon
See for more info.
## Shutting Down
You must shut down Bitcoin gracefully before powering off the Fullnode. If you don’t you can risk corrupting the database and you will have to reload the blockchain.
When running bitcoind enter the command:
$ bitcoin-cli stop
$ top
Wait for the Bitcoin process to disappear from the list or just give it a few mins. The best way to shut down is:
$ sudo halt
Enjoy your freedom! Thank you for your time.
Warm Regards,
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