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### Keybase proof
I hereby claim:
* I am MrChrisJ on github.
* I am chrisellis ( on keybase.
* I have a public key whose fingerprint is 07FB D2E3 84B6 58F5 CD86 421C 8181 3268 159E 51D1
To claim this, I am signing this object:
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Created Sep 25, 2014
20140925 Open Source Distributed Journalism - A theoretical Case Study
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Simon is a weapons inspector working for Amnesty International and is on an assignment in east Ukraine upon growing concern that the separatists are accumulating stock piles of banned weapons.
He turns on his computer and creates a new folder in his Storj account. He syncs his phone, body cam, and microphone with the Storj folder which begins syncing all content to that folder in to the distributed cloud.
Simon knows that from this moment and until he cancels the feed, everything he does will be recorded, uploaded and timestamped to a decentralised network of self interested peers compensated for their storage and proof of publication services. (Storj peers cannot see the content of the files they store as it is fragmented and encrypted.)
Simon faces many risks to his personal safety which is why his legal identity is obscured by a PGP key which has been verified by reputable news outlets and Universities across the world. Every file he uploads will be signe
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# Message on Podio from bitcoins.SG
## [20141001-1933UTC](
### Note: Typo in the original was corrected in comments, was added to original.
Hello WCN community, recent coverage and content has been uniquely valuable and am glad to say this is working out to be quite an endeavor; thanks to all of your hardwork! Today I'd like to explore @Chris Ellis ' idea about a trust-less verifiable non adulteration of media (I may be making some assumptions here about the trust-less part, correct me if I'm wrong).

Ok, let's go.
When someone creates content and embeds the hash of it in the blockchain, as per my understanding and congruent to Chris' thought process: we now have trusless verifiable proof that the content(unique entropy) existed at least at that time or before.

Fine, so far so good.
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  1. If someone walked naked in to shot I would have stopped the broadcast and made it private
  2. Timestamping doesn’t impact the way media is distributed across a network
  3. In fact Timestamping combined with PGP could give us more nuanced trust networks and controls on privacy

Privacy Issues
If someone had walked in to the frame naked I would have stopped the livestream, made it private and spoken to the individual personally asking them what the hell they were doing walking around naked in public in front of someone clearly holding a camera up, don’t they know CCTV cameras are everywhere now?

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I think it's 25 degrees C in the Barclays accelerator
Just line 1
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Verifying that +chrisellis is my Bitcoin username. You can send me #bitcoin here:
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Last active Oct 5, 2019

World Citizenship - Creating Affordable Decentralised Passport Services Using Available Cryptographic Tools

Due to recent press coverage I’d like to remind everyone that this project is an experiment and learning exercise for experts in the field of cryptography. Use at your own risk and read Issues section before trying this yourself.

Proof of Initial Publication

See also:
The Journal
The Live Demo on Youtube
Torrent: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:885783fd23d63ab1b6a634d3bc34e43d7491c5da

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Last active Aug 29, 2015
Nature and Accountability


Timestamp 330308-7bd6ad07

Tags: #Thought #Physics #Time

What defines the quantum is the simultaneity of action at a scale so vast that we cannot keep an account of it all. Only nature can reveal the account of movement at that scale which reveals itself as a surprise when we try to over draw on it’s resources.

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Last active Aug 29, 2015
# This is modified code by Chris for Python 3.4 originally used in the WBN video - Merkle Roots and Merkle Trees
# See &
import hashlib
Round = 0
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Created Jan 19, 2015
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