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Aspire Discord bot privacy policy.

Last Updated: October 25, 2021

"Aspirex" or "Aspire" does not store data when the bot is added to a guild; instead, that process begins when a moderator begins to run moderator commands/configs, from which we store up to most are channel IDs, member IDs, role IDs, and the guild ID, which are stored based on warn, mute, and config setup; member IDs are stored when a member is warned & if they are blacklisted. Member data can be removed when a member leaves the guild or if the guild has warnfilter enabled, not to add, this data is also deleted when the member have reached the max warnfilter & data cannot be restored. You can remove any stored config/guildData running the corresponding commands, the Config Module's setup can be automatically removed. Run the config help command to learn more.

Our "Tags System" or "Tags Module" is a content storage tool that allows you to quickly save and request messages. When a tag is saved, the tag name, content, and guild ID are saved, and can be removed with the deletetag command. Apart from that, nothing "Aspirex" or "Aspire" stores hasn't been manually configured by the guild moderator.

All the information above which was given as an example or as a statement, data that we collect is not shared to anyone, but only accessible to the Developer himself.

Developer - If you have any questions or concerns, please join our Support Server so that we can help you grasp what you're trying to understand.

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