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Created Apr 16, 2016 — forked from C-F-K/TRIGGER.NTSL
trigonometry automator for telescience on /tg/station13
// TRIGGER.NTSL - trigonometry automator for telescience on /tg/station13
// this isn't accurate enough to steal DAT FUKKEN DISK exactly
// but that's the price you pay for automation.
// it is PLENTY accurate - enough to, say, teleport an EMP grenade into the cap's office
// to take out cameras, then have an accomplice teleport you in to grab the disk yourself.
// and of course with a halfway competent toxins lab it's WAY precise enough for bombs.
// use your imagination.
// iterator function
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code/controllers/subsystem/ - code/controllers/subsystem/ => 1621.765625ms (127435) (avg:0.012726218439638615)
code/controllers/subsystem/ - code/controllers/subsystem/ => 1082.953125ms (127437) (avg:0.0084979487583041191)
code/controllers/subsystem/ - code/controllers/subsystem/ => 1023.03125ms (127437) (avg:0.0080277407541871071)
code/controllers/subsystem/ - code/controllers/subsystem/ => 960ms (127437) (avg:0.0075331339612603188)
code/controllers/subsystem/ - code/controllers/subsystem/ => 858.453125ms (127437) (avg:0.0067362943664193153)
code/controllers/subsystem/ - code/controllers/subsystem/ => 824.828125ms (127436) (avg:0.0064724893309175968)
code/controllers/subsystem/ - code/controllers/subsystem/ => 806.1875ms (127435) (avg:0.0063262642361223698)
code/controllers/subsystem/ - code/controller
View packtest.cpp
#include <iostream>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <time.h>
using namespace std;
#define ARRAY_SIZE 500000
#define ACCESS_AMOUNT 5000000
#ifdef packitbaby
#pragma pack(push, 1)
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#define SECONDS *10
var/end = world.timeofday+60 SECONDS
while (world.timeofday < end)
View 512.1395.procoverheadtest.byondprofile
Profile results (total time)
Proc Name Self CPU Total CPU Real Time Calls
---------------------------------------------------------- --------- --------- --------- ---------
/proc/testprocoverhead_enhanced_global_empty_return_extra 4.664 4.808 4.973 1496620
/proc/testprocoverhead_enhanced_global_empty_return 4.506 4.639 4.814 1503078
/proc/testprocoverhead_enhanced_global_empty 4.703 4.827 5.003 1496369
/proc/testprocoverhead_enhanced_global_5var_return_extra 5.780 5.927 6.087 1499840
/proc/testprocoverhead_enhanced_global_5var_return 5.690 5.841 6.027 1507978
/proc/testprocoverhead_enhanced_global_5var 5.615 5.752 5.942 1498705
MrStonedOne / Sorted.txt
Created Dec 16, 2017
compile time by proc.
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This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
22.1503s loading tgstation.dme
0.2957s code\modules\admin\ src.procstart: undefined var
0.1507s code\modules\research\ procstart: undefined var
0.1419s code\__DATASTRUCTURES\ src.procstart: undefined var
0.1332s code\__DATASTRUCTURES\ src.procstart: undefined var
0.1256s code\datums\ src.procstart: undefined var
0.0900s code\modules\admin\ src.procstart: undefined var
0.0884s code\modules\research\ src.procstart: undefined var
0.0834s code\modules\admin\ src.procstart: undefined var
View gist:1c4892cb2958ad17b18ad546b49c670f
Connections: Telnet @
Run Time: 17.92s
CPU Profile Report for 512testing
Status: profiling: [Total] [Average]
Proc Self CPU Time Total CPU Time Real Time Calls
MrStonedOne /
Created Feb 7, 2018
byond memory usage of lists vs datums
//run verb, give it its memory usage as it asks, be sure to wait 5 seconds from when it asks to when you enter the data. use process explorer for best results. Use dd -> ds, not direct ds run, re-launch dd between tests
#define SAMPLE_SIZE 1000000
var/startingmemory = input("memory usage (kb)") as num
var/list/lists = new (SAMPLE_SIZE)
var/listemptymemory = input("memory usage (kb)") as num
for (var/i in 1 to lists.len)
lists[i] = list()
var/listfullmemory = input("memory usage (kb)") as num
View phpbb byond forum link backend.php
View gist:2460fcf93622a90552544f756843dbc0
CREATE TABLE `tgstation13`.`ss13role_time_log` ( `id` BIGINT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT , `ckey` VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL , `job` VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL , `delta` INT NOT NULL , `datetime` TIMESTAMP on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP , PRIMARY KEY (`id`), INDEX (`ckey`), INDEX (`job`), INDEX (`datetime`)) ENGINE = InnoDB;
CREATE TRIGGER `tgstation13`.`ss13role_timeTlogupdate`
ON `tgstation13`.`ss13role_time` FOR EACH ROW
INSERT into ss13role_time_log (ckey, job, delta) VALUES (NEW.CKEY, NEW.job, NEW.minutes-OLD.minutes);
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