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gmocoiner usage
import json
from gmocoiner import GMOCoin
if __name__ == '__main__':
api_key = 'YOUR_API_KEY'
secret = 'YOUR_SECRET_KEY'
gmo = GMOCoin(api_key, secret, late_limit=True, logger=None)
# ティッカー情報を表示
resp = gmo.ticker(symbol='BTC_JPY')
ticker = resp.json()
print(json.dumps(ticker, indent=2))
# 資産残高を表示
resp = gmo.account_assets()
print(json.dumps(resp.json(), indent=2))
# 最寄買い気配地 - 5000の価格に買い指値
buy = int(ticker['data'][0]['bid']) - 5000
resp = gmo.order(symbol='BTC_JPY', side='BUY',
executionType='LIMIT', size='0.01', price=buy)
print(json.dumps(resp.json(), indent=2))
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