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Mumberthrax/S intro book Secret

Last active Aug 29, 2015
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A revised book to give new players upon joining S
Welcome to the Reddit Minecraft Survival Server!
This book is intended to serve as a brief introduction for newcomers to this server,
Please take a few moments to review it.
Table of Contents:
p3: Quick Info
p7: Rules
p14: New Player Guide
p17: Container Locks
p19: Help from Staff
p22: Internet Things
p23: Player Commands
====[Quick Info]====
* PvP is enabled!
* No teleports!
* Lock your chests!
* You can build
anywhere that isn't
built on, or doesn't
have a border!
* /modreq to flow
water or lava!
* All portals are
pre-built by staff!
* Firespread is off!
* Enchanting is easier!
* XP is plumped x4!
* Dying near your bed
resets your spawn!
* Animals are capped
per chunk!
* Saddles and horse
armor are craftable!
* Books do not require
* Player heads drop
when killed if both
have prot3/4!
-------------------------- is one of 4 servers hosted at Access them by typing /lobby. servers are *mostly* vanilla servers with a tradition of fairness and fun for everyone. Our staff are all players recognized for being assets to
the community, and they help to ensure all four of the servers are fair and fun for everyone.
To better achieve this, we have a few basic rules players should be familiar with. The following pages summarize them. Full rules@
1. Don't be a dick
2. No hate speech
3. Respect everyone - no harassment
4. You're responsible for your account
5. No abusive client hacks (xray, noclip, flying, speed, etc.)
6. Don't grief; replant crops and replace
any broken blocks.
7. No grief-bait
8. No circumventing server protections
9. No excessive trolling; a bit of trash-talk is a routine part of PvP online - keep it within reason and don't spam chat.
10. No posting others' personal information.
11. That includes others' alt account names if they do not want them disclosed.
12. Bans apply to all accounts you own.
13. No offensive or inappropriate skins
14. No NSFW builds.
15. No impersonating staff members.
16. No advertising servers.
17. List of approved mods at
18. No use of bugs or exploits to gain advantage over other players
19. No accustations of rule breaking in open chat - contact staff
20. Do not spam chat or abuse commands
21. Don't complain about lag/restarts
22. No monetary rewards for killing players
23. Do not use the subreddit or forums to post a bounty on a player.
24. No spawn camping.
25. No using login as a function of PvP.
26. No abuse of no-PvP zones to avoid immediate combat.
27. Do not use LWC
locked containers for
base defense(walls)
28. Land claims must
have clear borders
29. Ores in piston
doors are grief bait,
won't be rolled back
30. No darkroom
grinders, redstone
loops, or auto-farms
within 500 meters of
31. /modreq to have
beacons protected
That's basically it! When you have time, consider reviewing the full detailed rules at
Feel free to close this book and start playing! Or continue reading for more handy information.
Noob Guide by Tharine
+ The first thing you
should do is set out
looking for a place to
live and make a farm
of wheat or melon
+ Make sure to only
build on open land &
not on someone else's
claimed base or land.
Claimed areas are marked
===[Other Players]===
+ Fighting other
players is a core
aspect of this server.
You will be attacked.
Make your base
+ You may break &
enter, but you must
repair immediately!
+ Taking food from other player's farms is fine as long as you repland the seeds.
+ Melons regrow, leave stems.
+ Be kind & bonemeal
If you want to learn more, ask other players or check out
Secure your stuff!
/lock or /cprivate,
then hit the chest to
lock it. /cmodify to
allow another player
access. /cpassword if
you want a password
protected chest
instead./cunlock those.
/cdonation allows
others to deposit but
not take.
/cremove to remove a
lock. To lock many
items at once,
/cpersist then
/cprivate, and hit all
the containers you
wish to lock. /cpersist
again to finish. You
can /modreq to have a
group lock. Use
/cmodify r:name (your
group's name). /lwc
for more info.
Requesting Staff Help
/modreq is the
command to notify
mods you need help.
Mods will flow
water/lava, roll back
grief, handle concerns
of rule violations, and
assist in resolving
disputes. If you make a
modreq and decide
that you
no longer require
assistance, type
/check, note the
number it gives you,
and then type /done
and the number. If you
need urgent help, if
you are stuck in a
protected region for
example, /msg a mod.
Use /list to see online
When making your
modreq, stand in the
area it relates to (if
any) when you type
the command.
Example requests:
/modreq griefing
/modreq please make
this water flow
/modreq I suspect
_____ is hacking
/modreq Could I have
this unused claim?
Internet Resources
Engage with us on the web using these resources:
* Chat on IRC at #RedditMC
* Voice chat: type /mumble for info
Player Commands
* /lwc - lock chests,
furnaces, etc.
* /msg, /m, /t - send
private messages
* /r - reply to PMs
* /mail - send and
receive mail
* /list - see who's
currently online
* /clanchat - group
chat information
* /compass - get your
* /seen - when was a
player last online
* /me - describe an
action you take
* /help - receive some
helpful information
* /rulebook - receive
a copy of this book
* /modreq - request
assistance from a
* /check - check the
status of your
* /done # - close your modreq
* /drunk - simulate intoxication
* /gin - similar to
* /lsd - similar to
above, but worse
* /ping - test your
* /list-all - list
players on all four servers
* /nextrestart - time
until the server
* /untame - untames a
pet so others can
take ownership.
* /coords - get your
current location
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