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We want everyone to have a great time, feel welcome and to let cool ideas flow around. Giving everyone some guidelines helps you all to know what's up and how we can keep this place fun and cool.

There's two parts:

  • Rules: Things that are probably obvious to most people that are hurtful or unpleasant.
  • Etiquette: Things you might not be aware of that help keep the space awesome for everyone.

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BE WARNED this instance may actually be unstable at times. This place is run by volunteer with a creative mind. This instance and may experience outages, not federate reliably with the rest of the world, have posts go missing, or other technical faults.
BE WARNED I (MxFraud, the admin) operate this instance according to my own best judgement. I will block other instances, suspend users, modify this instance, etc etc as I see fit. SOMETIMES that involves consulting or negotiating with users of this instance, admins of other instances, developers that work on the mastodon code, etc etc. Sometimes it doesn't!
Some rules
Do not engage in harassment of any kind.
Racist, sexist and other oppressive slurs will get you suspended, even in non-public conversations.
You can post porn and nudity, but you must use the nsfw flag and do not post on the public timeline or you will be silenced (ask around how to make unlisted posts)
DO NOT post anything publicly that someone else has posted privately (ie.
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Created Apr 26, 2018 - Custom terms of service
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<h2>Privacy Policy</h2>
<h3 id="collect">What information do we collect?</h3>
<li><em>Basic account information</em>: If you register on this server, you may be asked to enter a username, an e-mail address and a password. You may also enter additional profile information such as a display name and biography, and upload a profile picture and header image. The username, display name, biography, profile picture and header image are always listed publicly.</li>
<li><em>Posts, following and other public information</em>: The list of people you follow is listed publicly, the same is true for your followers. When you submit a message, the date and time is stored as well as the application you submitted the message from. Messages may contain media attachments, such as pictures and videos. Public and unlisted posts are available publicly. When you feature a post on your profile, that is also publicly available information. Your posts are delivered to your followers, in some cases it means they are delivered
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Created Apr 26, 2018 - Instance description
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<p>Tabletop Social is a mastodon instance to host the <b>tabletop community</b> as a whole.
We welcome everyone that wants to be part of the community, casual gamers, hobbists, LARPers, game designers and publishers, RPG caracters, artists, writers, vlogers, podcasters, reviewers and more. </p>
<p>This is meant to be a positive and safe space for people to enjoy each other's ideas, opinion and have fun.
To keep that way, the Code of Conduct will be applied and enforced thouroughly, see our </p>
<h3>Made with the help of these awsome people:</h3>
<p>This instance uses <a href=''>Mutant Standard emoji</a>, which are licensed under a <a href=''>Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License</a>.</p>
<p>This instance is hosted by MxFraud</p>
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Guidelines for Marketing, Self Promotion and Bots

Tabletop Social on brands, marketing and self promotion Policy

You are welcome and encouraged to have an account for your (tabletop related) company or an account for an actual game on To make everyone's stay enjoyable, here are the set of rules you need to follow

  1. Any Self promotion post or marketing post needs to be unlisted at all time, have a CW, done in low volume and with some context (do showcase your work)
  2. The game or company main operator must be included in its description or a pinned post.
  3. Games and company account must clearly state what they are in their display name.
  4. Your game or company account must only follow users after receiving consent (@ them and ask if they are OK with you following them from your game or company account, maybe give people a little insight into why).
  5. Your game or company account must only boost toot after receiving consent (only required for users your game or company account doesn't follow already).
  6. Your game and company account
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