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Last active January 19, 2019 12:58
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def _build_encoder_model(self):
print("Building Encoder...")
encoder_input = Input(shape=self.img_shape)
encoder_sequence = Flatten()(encoder_input)
encoder_sequence = Dense(512)(encoder_sequence)
encoder_sequence = LeakyReLU(alpha=0.2)(encoder_sequence)
encoder_sequence = Dense(512)(encoder_sequence)
encoder_sequence = LeakyReLU(alpha=0.2)(encoder_sequence)
mean = Dense(self.latent_dimension)(encoder_sequence)
deviation = Dense(self.latent_dimension)(encoder_sequence)
latent_vector = merge([mean, deviation],
mode=lambda p: p[0] + K.random_normal(K.shape(p[0])) * K.exp(p[1] / 2),
output_shape=lambda p: p[0])
self.encoder_model = Model(encoder_input, latent_vector, name = 'encoder')
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