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public class UserActor : ReceiveActor
private Stopwatch _stopwatch;
private bool _isAlreadyReading;
public UserActor()
_stopwatch = new Stopwatch();
Receive<StartedReadingMessage>(message => ReceivedStartMessage(message));
Receive<StopedReadingMessage>(message => ReceivedStopMessage(message));
private void ReceivedStartMessage(StartedReadingMessage message)
if (_isAlreadyReading)
throw new InvalidOperationException("User is already reading another article!");
_isAlreadyReading = true;
private void ReceivedStopMessage(StopedReadingMessage message)
if (!_isAlreadyReading)
throw new InvalidOperationException("User was not reading any article!");
_isAlreadyReading = false;
Context.ActorSelection("../../reporting").Tell(new ReportMessage(message.User, message.Article, _stopwatch.ElapsedMilliseconds));
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