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/// <summary>
/// Using training data location that is passed trough constructor this method is building
/// and training machine learning model.
/// </summary>
/// <returns>Trained machine learning model.</returns>
public PredictionModel<IrisFlower, IrisPredict> BuildAndTrain()
var pipeline = new LearningPipeline();
pipeline.Add(new TextLoader(_trainingDataLocation).CreateFrom<IrisFlower>(useHeader: true, separator: ','));
pipeline.Add(new Dictionarizer("Label"));
pipeline.Add(new ColumnConcatenator("Features", "SepalLength", "SepalWidth", "PetalLength", "PetalWidth"));
pipeline.Add(new StochasticDualCoordinateAscentClassifier());
pipeline.Add(new PredictedLabelColumnOriginalValueConverter() { PredictedLabelColumn = "PredictedLabel" });
return pipeline.Train<IrisFlower, IrisPredict>();
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