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Integrating Unity3D Project into Swift XCode Project
// Bridging-Header.h
// XcodeProject1
// Created by Dev Appboxer Ipad on 17/06/19.
// Copyright © 2019 Dev Appboxer Ipad. All rights reserved.
#ifndef Bridging_Header_h
#define Bridging_Header_h
#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
#import "UnityBridge.h"
#import "UnityAppController.h"
#import "UnityInterface.h"
#endif /* Bridging_Header_h */
// UnityBridge.h
// XcodeProject1
// Created by Dev Appboxer Ipad on 17/06/19.
// Copyright © 2019 Dev Appboxer Ipad. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#ifndef UnityBridge_h
#define UnityBridge_h
void unity_init(int argc, char* argv[]);
#endif /* UnityBridge_h */
//Method 2 -- Success
#include "RegisterMonoModules.h"
#include "RegisterFeatures.h"
#include <csignal>
// Hack to work around iOS SDK 4.3 linker problem
// we need at least one __TEXT, __const section entry in main application .o files
// to get this section emitted at right time and so avoid LC_ENCRYPTION_INFO size miscalculation
static const int constsection = 0;
void UnityInitTrampoline();
// WARNING: this MUST be c decl (NSString ctor will be called after +load, so we cant really change its value)
extern "C" void unity_init(int argc, char* argv[])
UnityInitRuntime(argc, argv);
// RegisterMonoModules();
NSLog(@"-> registered mono modules %p\n", &constsection);
// iOS terminates open sockets when an application enters background mode.
// The next write to any of such socket causes SIGPIPE signal being raised,
// even if the request has been done from scripting side. This disables the
// signal and allows Mono to throw a proper C# exception.
std::signal(SIGPIPE, SIG_IGN);
//return 0;
#include <pthread.h>
extern "C" int pthread_cond_init$UNIX2003(pthread_cond_t *cond, const pthread_condattr_t *attr)
{ return pthread_cond_init(cond, attr); }
extern "C" int pthread_cond_destroy$UNIX2003(pthread_cond_t *cond)
{ return pthread_cond_destroy(cond); }
extern "C" int pthread_cond_wait$UNIX2003(pthread_cond_t *cond, pthread_mutex_t *mutex)
{ return pthread_cond_wait(cond, mutex); }
extern "C" int pthread_cond_timedwait$UNIX2003(pthread_cond_t *cond, pthread_mutex_t *mutex,
const struct timespec *abstime)
{ return pthread_cond_timedwait(cond, mutex, abstime); }
//extern "C" void UnityPostMessage(NSString* gameObject, NSString* methodName, NSString* message)
// UnitySendMessage([gameObject UTF8String], [methodName UTF8String], [message UTF8String]);
// The following functions are for demo purpose only.
// You don't need them if your Unity code does not invoke them.
//extern "C" void UnityToggleRotation(bool isOn)
// NSDictionary* dict = @{ @"isOn": @(isOn) };
// [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] postNotificationName: @"UnityToggleRotation" object:nil userInfo:dict];
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