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This is the solution to prevent the Breakout game ball to get "glued" to the "sticky" paddle for the Stanford CS106A Class
if (collider == paddle) {
/* We need to make sure that the ball only bounces off the top part of the paddle
* and also that it doesn't "stick" to it if different sides of the ball hit the paddle quickly and get the ball "stuck" on the paddle.
* I ran "println ("vx: " + vx + ", vy: " + vy + ", ballX: " + ball.getX() + ", ballY: " +ball.getY());"
* and found that the ball.getY() changes by 4 every time, instead of 1,
* so it never reaches exactly the the height at which the ball hits the paddle (paddle height + ball height),
* therefore, I estimate the point to be greater or equal to the height at which the ball hits the paddle,
* but less than the height where the ball hits the paddle minus 4.
if(ball.getY() >= getHeight() - PADDLE_Y_OFFSET - PADDLE_HEIGHT - BALL_RADIUS*2 && ball.getY() < getHeight() - PADDLE_Y_OFFSET - PADDLE_HEIGHT - BALL_RADIUS*2 + 4) {
vy = -vy;
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