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This code illustrates how to use fuse.js in cloud functions
const Fuse = require("fuse.js");
// The Cloud Functions for Firebase SDK to create Cloud Functions and setup triggers.
const functions = require('firebase-functions');
// The Firebase Admin SDK to access the Firebase Realtime Database.
const admin = require('firebase-admin');
SearchEngine = {
let newData = data;
if(search_text !== undefined && search_text!==""){
let options = {
shouldSort: should_sort,
threshold: _threshold,
location: _location,
distance: _distance,
maxPatternLength: max_pattern_length,
minMatchCharLength: min_match_charlength,
let fuse = new Fuse(newData, options);
newData =;
return newData
exports.search_engine = functions.https.onRequest(async(req,res)=>{
let events = await admin.database().ref(`events/`).once("value").then(snapshot=>snapshot.val());
let eventsData = Object.values(events);
let text_search = req.query.text_search;
if(text_search !== "" && text_search !== "null" && text_search !== "undefined" && text_search !== null && text_search !== undefined){
if(eventsData.length !== 0){
eventsData = SearchEngine.textSearch(eventsData,text_search,["event_title","address","city","country"]);
res.set('Access-Control-Allow-Origin', '*').status(200).send(eventsData)// make sure to include ('Access-Control-Allow-Origin','*') //or you might face cors problem
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