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whereing glasses

Roman Melnikov Neftedollar

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/// Call all specified tasks sequentially one after the other and combine the results together.
let seq (tasks: OrchestratorBuilder.ContextTask<'a> list) =
let rec work acc (rem : OrchestratorBuilder.ContextTask<'a> list) =
match rem with
| [] -> fun _ -> Task.FromResult (acc |> List.rev)
| d :: rest -> orchestrator {
let! t = d
return! work (t::acc) rest
work [] tasks
View client_server_definition.fs
module Server =
open Shared
open Fable.Remoting.Client
/// A proxy you can use to talk to server directly
let api : ICounterProtocol =
Proxy.createWithBuilder<ICounterProtocol> Route.builder
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