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Created July 7, 2015 01:20
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use = call:manila.api:root_app_factory
/: apiversions
/v1: openstack_share_api_v1
use = call:manila.api.middleware.auth:pipeline_factory
noauth = faultwrap sizelimit noauth apiv1
keystone = faultwrap sizelimit authtoken keystonecontext apiv1
keystone_nolimit = faultwrap sizelimit authtoken keystonecontext apiv1
paste.filter_factory = manila.api.middleware.fault:FaultWrapper.factory
paste.filter_factory = manila.api.middleware.auth:NoAuthMiddleware.factory
paste.filter_factory = manila.api.middleware.sizelimit:RequestBodySizeLimiter.factory
paste.app_factory = manila.api.v1.router:APIRouter.factory
pipeline = faultwrap osshareversionapp
paste.app_factory = manila.api.versions:Versions.factory
paste.filter_factory = manila.api.middleware.auth:ManilaKeystoneContext.factory
paste.filter_factory = keystoneclient.middleware.auth_token:filter_factory
service_protocol = http
service_host =
service_port = 5000
auth_host =
auth_port = 35357
auth_protocol = http
admin_tenant_name = service
admin_user = manila
admin_password = password
signing_dir = /var/lib/manila
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