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private readonly IViewRenderService viewRenderService;
private readonly IHtmlToPdfConverter htmlToPdfConverter;
private readonly IHostingEnvironment environment;
public DashboardController(
IViewRenderService viewRenderService,
IHtmlToPdfConverter htmlToPdfConverter,
IHostingEnvironment environment)
this.viewRenderService = viewRenderService;
this.htmlToPdfConverter = htmlToPdfConverter;
this.environment = environment;
public async Task<IActionResult> GetPdf(SomeInputModel input)
var model = this.GetViewModel(input);
var htmlData = await this.viewRenderService.RenderToStringAsync("~/Views/Dashboard/GetPdf.cshtml", model);
var fileContents = this.htmlToPdfConverter.Convert(this.environment.ContentRootPath, htmlData);
return this.File(fileContents, "application/pdf");
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