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using System;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.IO;
public interface IHtmlToPdfConverter
byte[] Convert(string basePath, string htmlCode, FormatType formatType, OrientationType orientationType);
public class HtmlToPdfConverter : IHtmlToPdfConverter
public byte[] Convert(string basePath, string htmlCode, FormatType formatType = FormatType.A4, OrientationType orientationType = OrientationType.Portrait)
var inputFileName = $"input_{Guid.NewGuid()}.html";
var outputFileName = $"output_{Guid.NewGuid()}.pdf";
File.WriteAllText($"{basePath}/{inputFileName}", htmlCode);
var startInfo = new ProcessStartInfo("phantomjs.exe")
WorkingDirectory = basePath,
Arguments = $"rasterize.js \"{inputFileName}\" \"{outputFileName}\" \"{formatType}\" \"{orientationType.ToString().ToLower()}\"",
UseShellExecute = true,
var process = new Process { StartInfo = startInfo };
var bytes = File.ReadAllBytes($"{basePath}/{outputFileName}");
return bytes;
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