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@Nil-Zil Nil-Zil/
Created Jan 4, 2018

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from typing import *
class Tree(dict):
A tree implementation using python's autovivification feature.
def __init__(self, data: Optional[Any] = {}):
Cast a (nested) dict to a (nested) `Tree` class
:param data: can be anything, normal type, dict, and even `Tree`
for k, v in data.items():
if isinstance(v, dict):
# A recursive setup of a new `Tree`,
# `type(self)(v)` is new a `Tree` with `v` as value and `k` as key, thus a nested `Tree` is constructed
self[k] = type(self)(v)
self[k] = data
def __missing__(self, k):
# `type(self)()` creates a new empty `Tree`, and use it as the value of the current tree's key `k`, and return
# this value.
v = self[k] = type(self)()
return v
if __name__ == '__main__':
t = Tree()
t['a']['b']['x'] = 't.a.b.x'
t['a']['b']['y'] = 't.a.b.y'
t['a']['c']['x'] = 't.a.c.x'
t['a']['d'] = 't.a.d'
t['b'] = 't.b'
print('t is:\n{0}'.format(t))
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