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Bug fixing

Niels Pilgaard Grøndahl NillerMedDild

Bug fixing
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#General mod settings
#Defined whether or not a player can use Absolute Coords mode in the Copy Paste Gadget
"Allow Absolute Coords" = true
#Whether the Building / CopyPaste Gadget can overwrite blocks like water, lava, grass, etc (like a player can).
#False will only allow it to overwrite air blocks.
"Allow non-Air-Block-Overwrite" = true
#Defines how far away you can build
#Range: 1.0 ~ 48.0
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#General mod settings
#Determines if the Copy/Paste GUI's coordinate mode starts in 'Absolute' mode by default.
#Set to true for Absolute, set to False for Relative.
"Default to absolute Coord-Mode" = false
NillerMedDild / terraforged-error.log
Created Aug 5, 2020
java.lang.NoSuchFieldException: vanillaWaterFeatures
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[23:26:11] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.terraforged.core.serialization.serializer.Deserializer:deserialize:50]: java.lang.NoSuchFieldException: vanillaWaterFeatures
[23:26:11] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.terraforged.core.serialization.serializer.Deserializer:deserialize:50]: at java.lang.Class.getField(Unknown Source)
[23:26:11] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.terraforged.core.serialization.serializer.Deserializer:deserialize:50]: at com.terraforged.core.serialization.serializer.Deserializer.deserialize(
[23:26:11] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.terraforged.core.serialization.serializer.Deserializer:deserialize:50]: at com.terraforged.core.serialization.serializer.Deserializer.fromValue(
[23:26:11] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.terraforged.core.serialization.serializer.Deserializer:deserialize:50]: at com.terraforged.core.serialization.serializer.Deserializer.deserialize(
[23:26:11] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.terraforged.core.serialization.serializer.Deseria
View Enigmatica6 0.1.2 --> Enigmatica6 0.1.3.txt
Enigmatica6 0.1.2 --> Enigmatica6 0.1.3
- Bookshelf
- Botany Pots
- Carpet Stairs Mod
- Citadel
- Comforts
View Enigmatica6 0.1.1 --> Enigmatica6 0.1.2.txt
Enigmatica6 0.1.1 --> Enigmatica6 0.1.2
- Abnormals Core
- AppleSkin
- Bamboo Blocks
- Bedspreads
- Caelus API
View DefaultLoot.json
"groups:9": {
"0:10": {
"name:8": "Common",
"weight:3": 12,
"rewards:9": {
"0:10": {
"weight:3": 1,
"items:9": {
"0:10": {
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[07:59:18.298][DONE][SERVER][INFO] Loading MCTag-first.zs
[07:59:18.304][DONE][SERVER][INFO] Loading functions.zs
[07:59:18.307][DONE][SERVER][INFO] Loading pre-unification-removals.zs
[07:59:18.307][DONE][SERVER][INFO] Loading main.zs
[07:59:18.314][DONE][SERVER][INFO] Loading mergeTags.zs
[07:59:18.314][DONE][SERVER][INFO] Loading addProcessing.zs
[07:59:18.318][DONE][SERVER][INFO] Loading removeProcessing.zs
[07:59:18.318][DONE][SERVER][INFO] Loading blockTags.zs
[07:59:18.318][DONE][SERVER][INFO] Loading removeRecipes.zs
[07:59:18.318][DONE][SERVER][INFO] Loading addShaped.zs
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Last active Apr 5, 2020
Modded Minecraft Common Issues & Solutions

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You're very much on your own when it comes to Sponge. Sponge changes a lot around in Forge, which can break Forge itself, so Forge doesn't support Sponge. It can also break the function of mods, so mods don't support Sponge. As modpack creators, who don't build for Sponge, we can't support Sponge for stuff that breaks or doesn't work. And since we don't test with Sponge, it's hard to give support when something breaks.

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"rivers": {
"value": {
"tertiaryRivers": {
"value": {
"fade": {
"value": 0.75
"maxBankHeight": {
"value": 4
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