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vscode deficiencies relative to atom


  • tab sanity ("Atomic Soft Tabs")
  • find, find/replace, in all files in dir, not just buffer
  • expand selection should not include quotes
  • going to matching bracket, should go to the nearest bracket if its not at a bracket
  • atom does not have scroll up/down pgup/pgdown while not moving cursor - TODO: get ext
  • atom does not remember/restore last line/highlgiht on restore of file - TODO: get ext


  • auto install
  • atom doesnt have a auto edit/close ext

Noitidart commented Jul 13, 2017

VSCode Extensions

Auto Close Tag
Auto Rename Tag
Contextual Duplicate - not needed in atom already built in
Copy github URL - built into atom
Flow Lagnuage Support - installed nuclide
Path Intellisense - got addon for this
Sort - found "sorter" has github issue i opened for a fix
Todo Highlight

VSCode has but missing from atom

Jump to definition
Jump to declaration

missing from both

expand selection to with quotes and then keep growing

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