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[nemo@Jolla ~]$ harbour-cameraplus
[D] QWaylandEglClientBufferIntegration::QWaylandEglClientBufferIntegration:62 - Using Wayland-EGL
[W] MLocalThemeDaemonClient::MLocalThemeDaemonClient:116 - Theme dir "/usr/share/themes/jolla-ambient/meegotouch/z2.0/" does not exist
[W] QQmlImportDatabase::registerPluginTypes:1875 - Module 'QtCamera' does not contain a module identifier directive - it cannot be protected from external registrations.
[W] DeclarativeWindow::DeclarativeWindow:82 - No default allowed orientations defined. Check your device configuration!
[W] unknown:84 - qrc:/qml/FocusReticle.qml:84: TypeError: Cannot read property 'x' of undefined
[D] SensorfwSensorBase::initSensor:84 - There is no sensor manager yet, do not initialize "proximitysensor"
[W] QtCamViewfinderRendererNemo::paint:93 - renderer not started yet
[W] QtCamImageModePrivate::applyFastCapture:52 - applyFastCapture: not supported
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