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Norbyte / gist:d0ddf2361b74bf784a33
Created September 24, 2014 22:30
PDO exception fix
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diff --git a/hphp/runtime/ext/pdo_driver.cpp b/hphp/runtime/ext/pdo_driver.cpp
index 8ed0a16..a208793 100644
--- a/hphp/runtime/ext/pdo_driver.cpp
+++ b/hphp/runtime/ext/pdo_driver.cpp
@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@
#include "hphp/runtime/ext/pdo_driver.h"
#include "hphp/runtime/ext/pdo_sqlite.h"
#include "hphp/runtime/ext/pdo_mysql.h"
#include "hphp/runtime/ext/std/ext_std_variable.h"
Norbyte / LSLib Compiler and
Last active November 3, 2020 16:04
LSLib Compiler and Debugger Quick Start Guide
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LSLib Compiler and Debugger

This package allows you to compile story scripts for Divinity Original Sins 2 from the command line and debug them both in the editor and in the game.

Quick start

Install VS Code

The debugger runs inside VS Code. Follow these steps to setup VS Code and the required extensions.