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00000000006AA719 je 00000000006AA700
00000000006AA71B mov rcx,rdi
00000000006AA71E call 00000000005485F0
00000000006AA723 xor eax,eax
00000000006AA725 add rsp,78h
00000000006AA729 pop rbx
00000000006AA72A pop rsi
00000000006AA72B pop rdi
00000000006AA72C pop rbp
00000000006AA72D pop r12
00000000006AA72F pop r13
00000000006AA731 pop r14
00000000006AA733 pop r15
00000000006AA735 ret
00000000006AA736 cmp rdx,1
00000000006AA73A mov rbp,rax
00000000006AA73D jne 00000000006AA7CF
00000000006AA743 mov rcx,rax
00000000006AA746 call 0000000000759E80
00000000006AA74B mov rsi,qword ptr [rax]
00000000006AA74E mov rcx,rax
00000000006AA751 mov r12,rax
00000000006AA754 call qword ptr [rsi+10h]
00000000006AA757 lea rdx,[8A3890h]
00000000006AA75E lea rcx,[9373E0h]
00000000006AA765 mov r8d,21h
00000000006AA76B mov r13,rax
00000000006AA76E call 0000000000759EC0
00000000006AA773 lea rcx,[9373E0h]
00000000006AA77A mov rdx,r13
00000000006AA77D call 0000000000759F28
00000000006AA782 mov rcx,rax
00000000006AA785 call 0000000000759EC8
00000000006AA78A mov rax,qword ptr [r12]
00000000006AA78E mov rcx,r12
00000000006AA791 call qword ptr [rax+10h]
00000000006AA794 lea r9,[8A3EB3h]
00000000006AA79B lea rdx,[8A2158h]
00000000006AA7A2 mov r8d,73h
00000000006AA7A8 mov rcx,rax
00000000006AA7AB call 00000000005484E0
00000000006AA7B0 cmp rdx,6
00000000006AA7B4 mov rcx,rax
00000000006AA7B7 ja 00000000006AA8AB
00000000006AA7BD movsxd r8,dword ptr [r14+rdx*4]
00000000006AA7C1 add r8,r14
00000000006AA7C4 jmp r8
00000000006AA7C7 mov rbp,rax
00000000006AA7CA call 0000000000759E90
00000000006AA7CF mov rcx,rdi
00000000006AA7D2 call 00000000005485F0
00000000006AA7D7 mov rcx,rbp
00000000006AA7DA call 000000000075B9D0
00000000006AA7DF call 0000000000759E80
00000000006AA7E4 mov rdx,qword ptr [rax]
00000000006AA7E7 mov rcx,rax
00000000006AA7EA call qword ptr [rdx+10h]
00000000006AA7ED mov r8,r15
00000000006AA7F0 mov rdx,rax
00000000006AA7F3 mov rcx,r12
00000000006AA7F6 call 0000000000759E70
00000000006AA7FB lea rdx,[8A3886h]
00000000006AA802 mov r8,r12
00000000006AA805 mov rcx,rbp
00000000006AA808 call 0000000000848350
00000000006AA80D mov rcx,qword ptr [rbx+58h]
00000000006AA811 mov rdx,rbp
00000000006AA814 call 000000000079F770
00000000006AA819 mov rcx,qword ptr [rsp+50h]
00000000006AA81E mov rdx,r13
00000000006AA821 lea rcx,[rcx-18h]
00000000006AA825 call 0000000000759E60
00000000006AA82A mov r9,qword ptr [rsp+40h]
00000000006AA82F mov rdx,rbp
00000000006AA832 lea rcx,[r9-18h]
00000000006AA836 call 0000000000759E60
00000000006AA83B call 0000000000759E90
00000000006AA840 jmp 00000000006AA714
00000000006AA845 call 0000000000759E80
00000000006AA84A mov r8,qword ptr [rax]
00000000006AA84D mov rcx,rax
00000000006AA850 call qword ptr [r8+10h]
00000000006AA854 mov r8,r12
00000000006AA857 mov rdx,rax
00000000006AA85A mov rcx,r13
00000000006AA85D call 0000000000759E70
00000000006AA862 mov rcx,qword ptr [rbx+58h]
00000000006AA866 mov rdx,r13
00000000006AA869 call 000000000079F770
00000000006AA86E mov rax,qword ptr [rsp+30h]
00000000006AA873 mov rdx,rbp
00000000006AA876 lea rcx,[rax-18h]
00000000006AA87A call 0000000000759E60
00000000006AA87F call 0000000000759E90
00000000006AA884 jmp 00000000006AA714
00000000006AA889 nop dword ptr [rax]
00000000006AA890 call 0000000000759E80
00000000006AA895 lea rcx,[8A3868h]
00000000006AA89C call 0000000000695230
00000000006AA8A1 mov rcx,rax
00000000006AA8A4 call 0000000000759EC8
00000000006AA8A9 jmp 00000000006AA87F
00000000006AA8AB mov rax,rcx
00000000006AA8AE xchg ax,ax
00000000006AA8B0 jmp 00000000006AA736
00000000006AA8B5 mov r15,rax
00000000006AA8B8 mov rbx,rdx
00000000006AA8BB call 0000000000759E90
00000000006AA8C0 mov rax,r15
00000000006AA8C3 mov rdx,rbx
00000000006AA8C6 jmp 00000000006AA736
00000000006AA8CB mov r12,qword ptr [rsp+30h]
00000000006AA8D0 mov r14,rdx
00000000006AA8D3 lea rdx,[rsp+50h]
00000000006AA8D8 mov r13,rax
00000000006AA8DB lea rcx,[r12-18h]
00000000006AA8E0 call 0000000000759E60
00000000006AA8E5 call 0000000000759E90
00000000006AA8EA mov rax,r13
00000000006AA8ED mov rdx,r14
Call Stack:
> minetest.exe!00000000006aa7e4()
[Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, no symbols loaded for minetest.exe]
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