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on("change:repeating_skillsactionmod remove:repeating_skillsactionmod",function() {
var modifiers = {};
.fields('skillsname','modifier','active') //< specifying the fields we care about
if(!(r.skillsaction_name in m.modifiers)){
m.modifiers[r.skillsaction_name] = 0;
if( === "on"){
m.modifiers[r.skillsaction_name] += r.modifier;
return m;
},{modifiers: {}},function(m,r,a){
console.log("Nested TAS Call.");
.fields('skillsaction_name','skillsaction_mod') //< specifying the fields we care about
//* HERE *
if(r.skillsaction_name in m.modifiers){
r.skillsaction_mod = m.modifiers[r.skillsaction_name];
console.log("Set "+r.skillsaction_name+" to "+m.modifiers[r.skillsaction_name]);
r.skillsaction_mod = 0;
console.log("Set "+r.skillsaction_name+" to "+0);
return m;
},{modifiers: {}})
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