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Created October 24, 2020 15:48
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Create a Cypress command to signIn with AWS Amplify before executing your tests! Repository:
const Auth = require("aws-amplify").Auth;
import "cypress-localstorage-commands";
const username = Cypress.env("username");
const password = Cypress.env("password");
const userPoolId = Cypress.env("userPoolId");
const clientId = Cypress.env("clientId");
const awsconfig = {
aws_user_pools_id: userPoolId,
aws_user_pools_web_client_id: clientId,
Cypress.Commands.add("signIn", () => {
cy.then(() => Auth.signIn(username, password)).then((cognitoUser) => {
const idToken = cognitoUser.signInUserSession.idToken.jwtToken;
const accessToken = cognitoUser.signInUserSession.accessToken.jwtToken;
const makeKey = (name) =>
cy.setLocalStorage(makeKey("accessToken"), accessToken);
cy.setLocalStorage(makeKey("idToken"), idToken);
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