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Home assignment 3 : OAuth

Go through the following, do the requested things and answer the questions, in your own words, with references.

See also Oauth 2 Simplified

DL 4th of February Sunday 23:59

  1. Setup OAuth for Google Drive
  2. Open
  3. Enable Google Drive OAuth Credientals
  4. Under your credientials, add
  5. Copy-paste the step 2 code into the HTML file and store it to server (into
  6. Get the script working. What does it do and what you see on the screen?
  7. Play with the HTML + JS and show how you could utilize it for your mashup (No fancy graphics needed, but a real scenario with working code)
  8. What is OAuth, what it can be used for?
  9. How OAuth makes it possible not to reveal user's password / crendientials to the website?
  10. What OAuth service you will use in your Mashup and how?

Grading 0.5 point for each, 5 points in total

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