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How I Load a .ogg into OpenAL Using stb_vorbis
typedef struct{
ALuint ID;
stb_vorbis* stream;
stb_vorbis_info info;
ALuint buffers[2];
ALuint source;
ALenum format;
size_t bufferSize;
size_t totalSamplesLeft;
bool shouldLoop;
void AudioStreamInit(AudioStream* self){
memset(self, 0, sizeof(AudioStream));
alGenSources(1, & self->source);
alGenBuffers(2, self->buffers);
self->shouldLoop=true;//We loop by default
void AudioStreamDeinit(AudioStream* self){
alDeleteSources(1, & self->source);
alDeleteBuffers(2, self->buffers);
memset(self, 0, sizeof(AudioStream));
bool AudioStreamStream(AudioStream* self, ALuint buffer){
//Uncomment this to avoid VLAs
//#define BUFFER_SIZE 4096*32
#ifndef BUFFER_SIZE//VLAs ftw
#define BUFFER_SIZE (self->bufferSize)
ALshort pcm[BUFFER_SIZE];
int size = 0;
int result = 0;
while(size < BUFFER_SIZE){
result = stb_vorbis_get_samples_short_interleaved(self->stream, self->info.channels, pcm+size, BUFFER_SIZE-size);
if(result > 0) size += result*self->info.channels;
else break;
if(size == 0) return false;
alBufferData(buffer, self->format, pcm, size*sizeof(ALshort), self->info.sample_rate);
return true;
bool AudioStreamOpen(AudioStream* self, const char* filename){
self->stream = stb_vorbis_open_filename((char*)filename, NULL, NULL);
if(not self->stream) return false;
// Get file info
self->info = stb_vorbis_get_info(self->stream);
if(self->info.channels == 2) self->format = AL_FORMAT_STEREO16;
else self->format = AL_FORMAT_MONO16;
if(not AudioStreamStream(self, self->buffers[0])) return false;
if(not AudioStreamStream(self, self->buffers[1])) return false;
alSourceQueueBuffers(self->source, 2, self->buffers);
self->totalSamplesLeft=stb_vorbis_stream_length_in_samples(self->stream) * self->info.channels;
return true;
bool AudioStreamUpdate(AudioStream* self){
ALint processed=0;
alGetSourcei(self->source, AL_BUFFERS_PROCESSED, &processed);
ALuint buffer=0;
alSourceUnqueueBuffers(self->source, 1, &buffer);
if(not AudioStreamStream(self, buffer)){
bool shouldExit=true;
self->totalSamplesLeft=stb_vorbis_stream_length_in_samples(self->stream) * self->info.channels;
shouldExit=not AudioStreamStream(self, buffer);
if(shouldExit) return false;
alSourceQueueBuffers(self->source, 1, &buffer);
return true;
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