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@Olefine Olefine/dominant colors
Last active Dec 15, 2015

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dominant colors
require 'RMagick'
TOP_N = 10 # Number of swatches
# Create a 1-row image that has a column for every color in the quantized
# image. The columns are sorted decreasing frequency of appearance in the
# quantized image.
def sort_by_decreasing_frequency(img)
hist = img.color_histogram
# sort by decreasing frequency
sorted = hist.keys.sort_by {|p| -hist[p]}
new_img =, 1)
new_img.store_pixels(0, 0, hist.size, 1, sorted)
def get_pix(img)
palette =
pixels = img.get_pixels(0, 0, img.columns, 1)
pixels.each do |p|
puts p.to_color(Magick::AllCompliance, false, 8, true)
original ="").first
# reduce number of colors
quantized = original.quantize(TOP_N, Magick::RGBColorspace)
# Create an image that has 1 pixel for each of the TOP_N colors.
normal = sort_by_decreasing_frequency(quantized)
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