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RESUMÉ: David Miller


Designer/developer fascinated by the promise of the web. Front end proficiency strong. Some excursions through full-stack development/deployment. Four years running successful freelance business. Youth educator in media-literacy focussed summer program. Fascinated by the way we use technology to engage with the world around us. Philosophy B.A. with breadth and depth of hands-on technical experience in design, complex problem-solving and analysis, and online technologies. Managerial and team experience as editor of student publications. Occasional musician.

Professional Experience

Freelance designer/developer, — 2006 - present

Freelance web development & graphic design. Recent clients include Marine Entertainment Systems Ltd, Mace, Succeed in the City, Greenworks Controlled Environments, Hebberts Fine Instruments, & the Future Generations Graduate School.

Featured Projects:

Full stack web app development, Q-Myself — November 2013 - present

Design and implementation of web application for personal vocabulary recording and self-study, based on the design vision of an 11 year old student. I chose to work with Angular.js on the front end and Express on the server side. Abstracting data/model away from the DOM into Angular services made it relatively simple to build in strong offline performance with wifi-only mobile users in mind.

Airplay Manager, Marine Entertainment Systems Ltd. — January 2013

Worked as part of a small team to develop a product that filters Apple Airplay traffic on networks with a large number of Apple TVs. Because the packet-switching on the back end had to run at very low latency, I developed a series of REST endpoints that wrote directly to conf files before notifying the packet switching process. The user interface runs as a single page javascript app, and aims to streamline the tasks of enrolling new devices and assigning them allowed play-to destinations.

Platform development, Digital Touch Branding — Autumn 2012 - present

Developed custom content delivery system for Digital Image Watermark / QR payloads. Worked with Symfony2 on the back end to deliver a RESTful API for geo-specific content. Worked with Piwik to set up custom analytics and metrics. Worked with Foundation to deliver a rich, native-like experience to mobile users. Recent work leverages for interactive graphic elements.

Faculty, Summer at the Lab, JBFC, Pleasantville, NY. 2011, 2013, 2014 (upcoming).

Taught many aspects of film-making & media-production to students aged 12 & 13. Created activities, projects, and games for the students. Managed classroom. Developed learning goals for each group and brought those into focus throughout the 3-week course.

Documentary film-maker, Future Generations, North Mountain, WV.— April - November 2011

One-man video production crew: coordinated & executed production of two short-form documentaries telling stories about the Future Generations Graduate School, and West Virginia Broadband projects, including location shoots in Uganda, British Columbia, Peru, and West Virginia. Performed all production activities from planning & budget, through post-production. The projects screened in Aspen, CO & Seattle, WA, December 2011. Screenings around West Virginia & other U.S. locations took place throughout 2012.

Editor in Chief, Principia Pilot student newspaper, Elsah, IL — September 2009 - July 2010

Managed a spirited staff. Oversaw design side of production in a gradual hand-off to new design team following previous role as Design Editor. Took charge of editorial decision making. Attempted to maintain balance and journalistic excellence across the whole paper. Worked closely on skill development with some newer writers. Wrote editorial content for the paper.

Camp Counsellor, Crystal Lake Camps, Hughesville, PA — June - August 2010

Live-in outdoor educator at ACA summer camp. Lived in a cabin with campers aged 7 to 15. Taught sailing, mountain biking, cloud-watching, and five-string banjo.

Intern, Serafini Studios, St. Louis, MO — June - August 2009

Tested and rolled out bug-fixes for the company’s 3 iPhone apps to bring them in line with iPhone OS3. Worked on conceptual designs for upcoming client projects. Extensive work with Wordpress. Learned to set up and administer an Apache/PHP/MySQL web stack for offline development.

Resident Assistant, Principia College, Elsah, IL — September 2008 - April 2009

Lived in Freshman housing and provided support & confidential counselling to incoming students. Helped run evening events in a character education series.

Videographer, Principia College, Elsah, IL — September 2008 - June 2010

Shot video footage of many Principia College events. Some editing, including helping students put together video presentations. Helped move the video team towards a tapeless workflow.

Design Editor, Principia Pilot student newspaper, Elsah, IL —January - June 2009

Managed design team. Helped organise content into a production layout. Refined templates for the newspaper. Also undertook a significant chunk of production graphics. Involved in launch of the paper’s online presence.

###Creative Director, Sheaf college yearbook, Elsah, IL — September 2007- June 2008. Set the look-and-feel of the yearbook, including font selection and design of templates. Undertook the brunt of the production graphics, including cover design, photo editing, and layout work. Worked closely with publisher to ensure that design and product matched.

Junior Designer, Bannenberg & Rowell Design, London, UK — June - August 2006

Made digital 3D pre-visualisations. Worked with Photoshop. Created ‘look & feel’ presentations, including an interior design for a Rolls Royce. Acquired designer photo frames in a hurry for a client who absolutely needed them shipped to the South of France that day.


B.A. Philosophy, Principia College, Elsah, Il. 2010

Alongside my philosophy major, I followed the design track through the art major at Principia. In my senior year, I took the decision to pursue classes that would bolster my portfolio and expand my skillset, rather than complete all of the requirements for the second major. I designed a course of independent study which I took in contract with the college, producing a series of mixed media portraits. Along the way, I learned a new programming language, some mathematical principals for visualising audio, and two new print-making techniques. I spent my final semester on a study-abroad program in Nepal, studying living religions of the east, ecology, and community resource management.

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