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Poor man's basic blockchain implementation to grasp the principles.
import hashlib as hasher
import datetime as date
import requests
import time
import math
import uuid
import random
class Block:
The basic unit of a blockchain.
def __init__(self, index, data, previous_hash):
if index is None or not isinstance(index, int) or index < 0:
raise Exception("Given index is not acceptable.")
self.index = index
self.timestamp = = data
self.previous_hash = previous_hash
sha = hasher.sha256()
sha.update(str(self.index).encode('utf-8') + str(self.timestamp).encode(
'utf-8') + str('utf-8') + str(self.previous_hash).encode('utf-8'))
self.hash = sha.hexdigest()
class Chain:
The basic blockchain.
def __init__(self):
self.head = Block(0, "Genesis", "0")
self.tail = self.head
self._blocks = [self.tail]
def __iter__(self):
return self._blocks.__iter__()
def append(self, data: str):
self._blocks.append(Block(self.tail.index + 1, data, self.tail.hash))
self.tail = self._blocks[-1]
return self.tail
def __str__(self):
return f"Chain of length {len(self._blocks)}"
def serialize(self):
coll = []
for block in self._blocks:
"index": str(block.index),
"timestamp": str(block.timestamp),
"data": str(,
"hash": block.hash
return coll
def last(self):
return self.tail
# {
# "from": "public key 1",
# "to": "public key 2",
# "value": 45
# }
class Node:
def __init__(self):
self._address = str(uuid.uuid4())
self._chain = Chain()
self._peers = []
self._transactions = []
def add_transaction(self, tx):
def add_peer(self,url):
def get_peer_chains(self):
coll = []
for node_url in self._peers:
blocks = requests.get(f"{node_url}/blocks").content
blocks = json.loads(blocks)
except Exception:
return coll
def get_blocks(self):
return self._chain.serialize()
def get_transactions(self):
return self._transactions
def consensus(self):
# accept the longest one
other_chains = self.get_peer_chains()
longest_chain = self._chain
for chain in other_chains:
if len(longest_chain) < len(chain):
longest_chain = chain
self._chain = longest_chain
def proof_of_work(self,last_proof):
# compute something intense and return your supposedly good answer to the puzzle
return random.randint(1, 1e12)
def mine(self):
last_block = self._chain.last()
last_proof =
proof = self.proof_of_work(last_proof)
"from": "network",
"to": self._address,
"amount": 1
return self._chain.last()
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