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Jenkins Job To reset a platform project (used for demos)
# You should export the following variables:
# $API_TOKEN which you get from marketplace
# $PROJECT_ID the platform project like 'hzdp3vdw4poyg'
# $ENVIRONMENT for example 'master'
# $BACKUP_ID which you can get from the CLI
COMPOSER=$(command -v composer >/dev/null 2>&1) || true
if [ -z "$COMPOSER" ] && [ ! -f .build/composer.phar ]; then
mkdir -p .build
curl -sS > .build/composer.phar
cd .build
php composer.phar require platformsh/cli:@stable
PLATFORMSH_CLI_API_TOKEN=$API_TOKEN ./vendor/platformsh/cli/platform environment:restore --yes --project=$PROJECT_ID --environment=$ENVIRONMENT $BACKUP_ID

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OriPekelman commented Feb 4, 2016

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